Official TVS Documents

On this page you will find several official documents detailing the Tri-Valley Stargazer's bylaws, formation, and application for status as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.


You can see our bylaws for the Tri-Valley Stargazers club here. These detail the purpose of the club, membership, the board of directors, officers, appointees, responsibilities, club meetings, elections, amendments, finances, and dissolution.

Articles of Incorporation

You can see some of the documents that went into the incorporation of our club here. These include the Articles of Incorporation submitted to state in 1991, and documents received back from the state that acknowledge our submission.

501(c)3 Status

The Tri-Valley Stargazers is a tax exempt 501(c)3 charitable organizaton. Every year we file a form with the IRS to reaffirm out status. You can see the 2015 IRS response confirming our status by clicking here. You can also see our most recent status by visiting the IRS Exempt Organization Select Check web site.