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Next Public Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Lum
The Evolution of the Reflecting Telescope, Part 2

Friday, September 16, 2016
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Show & Tell starts at 7:30 pm
Talk follows

Unitarian Universalist Church
1893 N. Vasco Rd., Livermore

Next Board Meeting

Monday, September 19, 2016, 7:30 p.m.
Round Table Pizza
1024 E. Stanley Blvd, Livermore

Members are always welcome at board meetings. Pizza is optional.

The Latest News & Upcoming Events

September's meeting

Thirty Meter telescope Dr. Ken Lum will give Part two of his presentation on the evolution of the reflecting telescope. In August he spoke about the invention of the reflecting telescope by Sir Isaac Newton in 1668, through to the development of large aperture reflectors in the 19th Century that were hampered by poor design. This month he will talk about the late 19th Century resurgence of the reflector as the primary tool for observational astronomy with the coming of the ability to apply high efficiency reflective coatings to glass mirrors, better ways to test the accuracy of their surfaces, and improved mechanical telescope mountings. He will discuss the history of the people who were most responsible for this change to the dominant telescope technologies used today.

Dr. Kenneth Lum is retired from the practice of Emergency Medicine. Since high school, he has also been an enthusiastic amateur astronomer, having built two telescopes at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and a large Newtonian reflector when he reentered amateur astronomy in 1986. He pursued an interest in astronomical photography during the 1990s and continues to study the history of astronomy and astronomical instrumentation. Dr. Lum is currently interested in ways to enhance the performance of small telescopes with the use of a photomultiplier eyepiece and astronomical video cameras. Since 1994, he has been traveling with the Antique Telescope Society almost annually visiting different historical astronomical observatories.

Upcoming star parties

We have planned the following star parties: Please contact for further information.

The H2O Open Houses will be open to all club members and the public. The Tesla Winery club Parties will be open to club members and their guests. Start and end times for the parties will be announced later, but we usually plan to arrive at the observing site about 30 minutes before sunset and wrap up around midnight. Mark your calendars now!

The upcoming September 24th club star party will be the last for the year. The theme for this party is "Binocular Highlights". Roland will be ready to lead us through perhaps a dozen interesting targets that should keep us busy for the night!

TVS Crystal Wine Glasses For Sale

wine glass TVS is offering elegant crystal wine glasses for sale to club members. You don't have to drink wine to enjoy the beautiful TVS logo-etched stemware. Use them for your favorite beverage, or they can be used as a beautiful container for small plants. They are the perfect gifts for loved ones or friends. Look for them at club meetings, where they will be sold for $10/each. Don't drink alone, buy two! Support TVS. Thanks to who got these wonderful glasses.

TVS Logo Wear

You may have seen some TVS members wearing shirts and jackets embroidered with the TVS logo. If you are interested in obtaining an embroidered logo item, you can do so by ordering whatever you would like through Land's End's Corporate Sales section and specifying TVS logo #0118948. You will need to set up an account, which will ask for the logo number and the TVS customer number (3452021).

TVS has also set up shop at Cafepress for members to buy non-embroidered TVS logo wear. You can have the TVS logo put on t-shirts, mugs, buttons, hats, coasters, etc. You buy through Cafepress, and Cafepress sends TVS a portion of the proceeds. Visit the web site to see all the TVS logo possibilities.