Prime Focus August 2000


Visible in the equatorial constellation Monoceros, is the curious formation known as the Cone Nebula. It appears to be composed of molecular hydrogen and tiny particles of solid matter swirling in the area of NGC 2226. The straight sides of the Cone, may be formed by stellar winds generated in the emission nebula barely visible behind the feature. The top of the Cone glows with a bright Bok Globule. Infrared cameras have detected a stellar nursery buried in the dust of the Cone Nebula. (Credit: Anglo-Australian Telescope, David Malin. Copyright: Anglo-Australian Telescope Board.)

August TVS Highlights

  • 2 Club News and Notes thanks Paul Caswell and Debbie Dyke

  • 3 What's Up in August provides observing suggestions

  • 4 Chabot Space & Science Center sets opening date

  • 5 Library and public relations activities enliven the summer

  • 6 Membership application

TVS Presents

      You asked for an evening set aside for conversation and conviviality, and here it comes. Our next general meeting will be an old-fashioned ice cream social, with plenty of ice cream and sorbet to cool down a hot August night. The club will provide gallons of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, real fruit sorbet, and a variety of toppings for a make-your-own-sundae celebration. This meeting is an ideal way to introduce newcomers to the fun and companionship of amateur astronomy. It's also a great opportunity to renew acquaintances and to share your favorite observing tips. Hope we see you there!

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