Prime Focus February 2000


The Hubble Heritage Project recently released this subtly shaded image of Saturn. The colors appear as they would from the window of an orbiting spacecraft. (Heritage Hubble Team, AURA/STScI, NASA)

February TVS Highlights

  • 2 Club News and Notes  prepares you for an H2O key exchange.

  • 3 What's Up in February details the best upcoming astronomical events.

  • 4 John Hewitt Memorial Fund is now accepting donations.

  • 5 Comet Comments recaps comet-ary discoveries in 1999.

  • 6 Book Reports includes the latest library happenings.

  • 7 A unique eclipse photo shows the moon in three progressive images.

  • 8 Project ASTRO wants you!

  • 9 Annual TVS Member's Questionnaire asks your opinions.

  • 10 Membership/Renewal               Application

TVS Presents

   This panel of distinguished TVS members stands ready to help new and experienced scope wranglers make the most of their machines. Club members will offer working examples of the following four general categories of telescope: refractors, Dobsonians, reflectors, and catadioptrics. A variety of eyepieces, filters, and other accessories will also be on hand.

   TVS will provide complimentary copies of
Welcome to Amateur Astronomy: Your Passport to the Universe, a publication produced by Astronomy magazine. Speakers will explain how to collimate a scope, how to set up for observing in comfort, and how to select objects for a fun and rewarding evening of stargazing. As always, guests are welcome to attend.

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