Prime Focus December 1999


At least five Leonid meteors can be seen in this 20-minute exposure centered on Torre de la Guaita, a 12th-century observation tower in Gorina, Spain. Credit and copyright held by Juan Carlos Casado.

December TVS Highlights

  • 2 Club News and Notes explains the Prime Focus facelift and introduces our new officers.

  • 3 What's Up in December reveals the early winter sky.

  • 5 Comet Comments Don Machholz discusses PC Machholz 2.

  • 6 Gert Gottschalk captures Mercury transit images, and the Geminids are showcased.

  • 7 Dates and Deadlines are listed for your 2000 planning calendar.

  • 8 Read questionnaire guidelines before proceeding to page 9.

  • 9 Annual TVS Member's Questionnaire asks your opinions.

  • 10 Membership/Renewal Application

TVS Presents

   Two topics highlight the December potluck, club plans for a loaner scope equipped with a solar filter, and eating -- not necessarily in that order. (See more details at "For your consideration" on page 6.) As you did last year, please plan to bring a culinary contribution that will feed ten fellow diners. The first letter of your last name determines the dish you should bring. Please arrange a trade with another member if you would prefer to bring something different.

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