Prime Focus

November 1999 Monthly Newsletter

November TVS Highlights

  • Come and cast your vote at the annual TVS elections. Read all about it on pages 2 and 8.

  • Thank you and good bye to Chris Cody and Jess Squires. We wish them all the best on page 9.

  • Telescope improvements continue at Hidden Hill Observatory. See the details in Chuck's report on page 6.

  • Jill Tarter tells all the latest news on SETI on page 7.

  • RMTC seeks nominees for its awards. Check out the websites on page 7.

The Kuiper Airborne Observatory carried the imaging platform for this shot of Comet Halley crossing the Milky Way on April 6/7, 1986. The shot was taken with equipment designed, mounted, and operated by the Charleston County  (South Carolina) School District CAN DO Project. (NASA/KAO, C-141)

TVS Presents

   International astronomer and author Ken Croswell returns to TVS to introduce his latest book, Magnificent Universe. Featuring more than 100 full-page, full-color, astronomical images, this volume is certainly one of the most beautiful astronomy
(Continued on page 6)

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