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What: Compact Stars: Quark Matter               
         Where: Unitarian Universalist Church in
                     Livermore, 1893 N. Vasco Rd.
         When: September 11, 1998
                    Conversation, 7:00 p.m.
                    Program begins, 7:30 p.m.
         Who: Norman K. Glendenning, Ph.D.

   "A neutron star, because it is so dense, may be the only natural place in the universe where quark matter exists," says Norman Glendenning. "We may have discovered a way of learning if this (the existence of free quarks) is true."

   Dr. Glendenning is an international expert on the properties of dense matter and the composition of neutron stars. His investigations have postulated the existence of solid crystalline cores, consisting of mixed quark and hadronic matter, at the center of neutron stars. He suggests that such mixed phase material may explain observed "star quake" phenomena in pulsars.

Compact Stars, Dr. Glendenning's recent book on neutron stars and pulsars, includes research on spin rates as indicators of star's likely conversion of its core from nuclear matter to quark matter. He and his research team believe that "spin-up," a sudden increase in spin rate, will be detected in future observations.

The Hubble Space Telescope imaged a lone neutron star in front of a molecular cloud know to be about 400 light-years distant, in the Southern Hemisphere constellation Corona Australis. This HST shot provides the first direct look, in visible light, of a solitary neutron star. (Fred Walter, SUNY Stony Brook and WFPC2, HST/NASA.)

Introducing Hidden Hill, the TVS dark sky site

   At the August barbecue and general meeting, club members voted on a new name for our dark sky site and observatory. Say goodbye to the Sky Shack, and hello to Hidden Hill Observatory. As you already know, our location remains unchanged, but the new name does not reveal its location.

   Members holding keys to Hidden Hill are reminded that they have acknowledged a duty of care to TVS and to the landowner. Keyholders may not loan their TVS keys, nor allow site access to unaccompanied non-members.

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