Prime Focus February 2001


The striking "Grand Design" galaxy, M100/NGC 4321, is a classic face-on spiral with well-defined arms. Grand Design galaxies exhibit bright blue star formation regions and intricate twisting dust lanes. This bright object is part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, and is approximately 56 million light-years distant. A bit later this year, you can look for it as a sprintime object in Coma Berenices.  (Hubble Space Telescope, Wide-Field and Planetary Camera 2.)

February TVS

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TVS Presents

   Our February general meeting will feature the advice and humor of Dave Rodrigues, longtime TVS and AANC leader. Dave will discuss various methods for presenting astronomical information to the general public. In particular, he will focus on the best ways to create personal and memorable star parties.

   If you have ever witnessed Dave's unique method for teaching astronomical distances by holding a twenty five-cent piece at arm's length, you know how much fun we can expect at the meeting. Dave has been giving public star parties and classroom workshops for more than 15 years, and his enthusiasm is contagious. In his various leadership positions with TVS,  EAS, and AANC, Dave has taught hundreds of children and adults.

   If you know someone who received a telescope or binoculars over the holidays, be sure to bring him or her with you to our February meeting. The opportunities for learning are unlimited for both of you.

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