Prime Focus September 2000


Our speaker for September, Paul Mortfield, shot this exposure of the July 30 sunset partial eclipse from the top of Mount Hamilton. On our website ( this image is dramatic shades of yellow, orange, and red with banked reflections of light from the setting Sun. Paul notes that almost precisely 10 years earlier, Bay Area astronomers were treated to the same sight on July 29, 1990. On both occasions, the Sun slid from view appearing to have a big bite removed from its right side. Photo credit: Mortfield/Phelps, 2000.

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TVS Presents

      For most amateur astronomers, the backyard is certainly the most convenient place for night-to-night observing. Few of us, however, would assert that the backyard makes an ideal stargazing location. Well, join TVS on Friday September 15, to discover how to make the most of your home base.

   Paul Mortfield is an experienced and avid amateur who has captured video and still images of astronomical events from locations all around the greater Bay Area. The shots featured on his website (listed above) range from eclipses, to the 1997 Saturn-lunar graze, to the break up of Comet LINEAR. In each case, he used a combination of specialized observing hardware and observational techniques to maximize the impact of each astrophotograph. Paul invites you to discuss your specific questions and observing challenges following his presentation. As always, guests and beginners are encouraged to attend.

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