Prime Focus January 2000


Looking in M33, the Hubble Space Telescope imaged NGC 604, a nebula some 1,500 light-years in diameter. More than 200 hot young stars glow in the nebula's center. (HST WFPC2, NASA)

January TVS Highlights

  • 5 Comet Comments includes Don Machholz's musings on the future of visual comet hunting.

TVS Presents

   You are invited to an evening of astronomical delights slated for later appearances in 2000. Club president Dave Anderson will present highlights from his popular "What's Up" column. Gert Gottschalk will challenge us with deep-sky showpiece objects and other specialized celestial viewing opportunities. Chuck Grant has agreed to inform us of "long-range goofy things" such as triple shadow transits of Jupiter, the occultation of a star by the Moon during a total lunar eclipse, and other such oddities. Bring your notebook, a brand new pen, and all your questions about astronomy in the coming year.

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