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   Forget your regular workout on barbecue day, and instead, plan to arrive at 6:00 p.m. to help set up for the festivities. Hot off the grill, dinner will be served for an hour before the general meeting.  TVS will provide meat and vegetarian entrees, and club members will bring the rest of the feast, according to the chart below. The first letter of your last name determines what you should bring.

Comet hunters take heart! Daniel W. Lynn used handheld 10x50 binoculars to discover this new bright comet. Lynn, of Kinglake West, Victoria, Australia, found his comet just last month, on July 13. (See page 4 for local observing details.) This image of Comet Lynn was shot by Cristovao Jacques of Wykrota Observatory. He used an LX-200, 12-inch scope at f/3.3 outfitted with an ST-7 CCD camera running a 60-second exposure. (CEAMIG, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

   An abbreviated program will feature observing highlights, and a Best/Worst Observing Gadget round table.

Goofy for gadgets?

Following our summer barbecue (see TVS presents, next column), club members will compare notes and opinions on the best and the worst of current observing gadgets. If you are one of those who find something wonderful every time a new Lumicon flyer or Orion catalogue arrives, we particularly want to hear about your adventures. All members are encouraged to bring a "best loved" or "most worthless" example for the group to discuss.

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