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   If you have ever had to explain that you are an astronomer and not an astrologer, you understand the problem of pseudoscience. The many examples of poor or incomplete science to be found in the mass media compound this problem for all of us. Unfortunately, astronomers themselves also contribute to the confusion from time to time.

   Club officers Chris Cody and Alane Alchorn will explore some of the more spectacular examples of bad astronomy.  They will present examples, amusing and otherwise, of preposterous astronomy. Join us on October 9 for a survey of bad astronomy and pseudoscience since the Golden Age of Greece.

This relative temperature image of the Sun's corona shows cooler regions in darker shades and hotter regions in lighter ones. Distinctive temperature differences are shown in the numerous magnetic loops and hotter zones at the west and east limbs. Coronal holes at the poles are relatively cooler. (SOHO: Extreme -- Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope)

An open letter to members
by Dave Anderson, President
Fellow Stargazers,

   It has been a privilege and honor to serve as your president for almost three years now -- a privilege, because it has allowed me to get to know over two hundred wonderful amateur astronomers (and a few professionals); and an honor, because TVS offers valuable services to its members and to the community at large.  As president, I am given a disproportionate amount of credit for making this happen.  In fact, a number of volunteers do a great deal to keep

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