2 Tri-Valley Stargazers Privacy Policy

TVS Membership Privacy Policy

The Tri-Valley Stargazers Astronomy Club (TVS) is committed to protecting the privacy of its members.  This document describes what personal information we collect from our members and how we use and safeguard this information.

What information we collect from members

TVS collects and retains the following contact information when a member joins the club or renews their membership:

·         First and last name

·         Email address

·         Mailing address

·         Phone number

TVS also collects and retains the following additional information from members participating in the Del Valle observing site program:

·         Emergency contact phone number

TVS does not collect or retain any financial information about its members, such as checking or credit card account numbers. 

How we use members' information

TVS uses personal information from its members solely to conduct the activities of the club.  This primarily involves communication within the club, such as emailing meeting notifications, club event invitations, observatory access information, and renewal reminders.  In addition, the following club benefits involve sharing member information with third parties:

·         TVS membership also includes membership in the Astronomical League, which entitles TVS members to participate in the league's observing programs and receive their quarterly magazine the Reflector.  To enroll TVS club members in the Astronomical League, TVS periodically provides the Astronomical League with each TVS member's name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.  TVS instructs the Astronomical League to exclude their members from any advertising conducted through the league.

·         TVS members receive a 10% discount on branded merchandise at the Orion Telescopes Center in Cupertino, California.  To participate in this discount program, TVS periodically provides Orion with the name and city of residence of each club member.

·         TVS has an agreement with the East Bay Regional Park District to allow club members to use the Del Valle Regional Park for observing.  For those club members participating in this program, TVS will provide EBRPD with each member's name and emergency contact phone number.

How we maintain and protect members' information

The TVS Treasurer maintains an electronic roster of the club members and their contact information.  This roster is available only to the club officers.  

We do not share contact information with the membership at large.  However, club members have the option of communicating with other club members by subscribing to the club's Yahoo group.  Members who subscribe to the Yahoo group and post messages there have the option whether or not to make their email address visible to all recipients.

We only share members' personal information with the third parties listed above.  We do not share or sell personal information with any third parties not required for the normal operation of the club.


January 2018