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Mid-March is an excellent time of year for observers looking for zodiacal light. Visible just after dark, this skyglow appears triangular or conical near the western horizon. Zodiacal light is the remnant glow of sunlight reflecting from tiny particles shed by comets and other solar system debris. In the fall, sunrise zodiacal light, such as that pictured at right, can be seen just before dawn from a very dark location. (Credit: David Malin, AATB, copyright retained.)

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   Jeff Baldwin leads the Stockton Astronomical Society's (SAS) Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) workshop. He is also a very active amateur astronomer who runs the SAS  observing program, leads dark site star parties, and is a frequent contributor to his club's newsletter, Valley Skies. Jeff is particularly well-known for authoring the "Telescope Nut" ATM column. He is currently working on the mirror for his next scope, a 40- inch (one-meter) f/3.6 to be called Big Dude.

   At our next general meeting, Jeff will discuss Big Dude, and he will share some of his adventures building large amateur telescopes. In addition to his many other accomplishments, Jeff has built the 24-inch scope named Black, the star of many SAS observing events. Black, also known as "the two-foot telescope," is now owned by TVS president Chuck Grant. Jeff has also assisted TVS by refiguring the 17.5- inch mirror in the Jack Marling Telescope at Hidden Hill Observatory several years ago. Join us on March 9 for an evening with Jeff!

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