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The binary star system of BZ Cam, some 2,500 light-years distant toward Camelopardalis, is poorly understood. In a typical cataclysmic variable, matter expelled from the larger star accumulates on the white dwarf companion, ultimately causing a nova-like flare. BZ Cam, however, flickers irregularly, and expels a stellar wind that creates a bow-shockwave as the binary moves through the local interstellar medium. (R. Casalegno, C. Conselice, et al., WIYN, NOAO, MURST, and NSF.)

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TVS Presents

   If you have been out observing the brilliant constellations,
asterisms, and planetary oppositions on these late fall evenings, then you know we are rapidly closing in on the solstice. That means out annual holiday potluck is nearly here. This year, in addition to enjoying good company and conversation, please plan to share one new astronomical insight you have gained in the past year. This can be the discovery of a particularly useful accessory, an object you had never before sighted, or an out-of-the-way convenient observing site.

   For dinner, please plan to bring a culinary contribution that will feed 10 fellow diners. The first letter of you last name determines the dish you should bring. If you decide to prepare something else, please trade with another club member so that we don't end up with 20 orders of fried rice but no vegetables.
   See alphabetical list on page 2.

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