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The second half of November offers extraordinary opportunities for planetary observers. The opposition events of Saturn on the 19th, and Jupiter on the 27th, provide exceptional bright views of each planet. On the 29th, Venus puts on a show during the first hour after sunset. It will glitter just below a four-day-old Moon, approximately two degrees south of the lunar crescent. (Solar system montage taken by spacecraft managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. )

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TVS Presents

   The November 17 general meeting will be devoted to discussions of planetary observing during a month of unusual oppositions and conjunctions. This month's notable astronomical events also include the annual Leonid meteor shower, which peaks during the evening of our general meeting. Unfortunately, a waning but bright gibbous Moon will wash out many of the meteors.

   Please devote special attention to pages 6 and 7, as they discuss the club offices and appointed positions that will be filled in our annual leadership election.

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