Prime Focus June 2000


No lunar terminator observer will ever view the Moon in these false colors. The Galileo spacecraft imaging system combined four shots to form this intriguing montage. On the TVS web page, check the colors: blue for titanium-rich soils, as seen in Mare Tranquillitatis (left side); orange for lower-titanium regions, as at Mare Serenitatis (lower right); purple patches of ancient volcanic deposits (and the Apollo 17 landing site, left center); and the red of lunar highlands that are low in both titanium and iron. (NASA/JPL, Galileo Project, 1992)

June TVS Highlights

  • 2 Club News and Notes discusses our "New Astronomer" outreach

  • 2 Star parties are listed for the spring and summer

  • 3 What's Up in June and July provides observing suggestions

  • 4 Prime Focus seeks new columnists for monthly features

  • 5 TVS wants you to consider one of the club leadership positions

  • 6 Membership application

TVS Presents

   Would you enjoy instant access to a daily geocentric lunar ephemeris covering every day from now through December 31, 2010? Well, pick up a copy of the soon-to-be released Atlas of the Lunar Terminator, and you can have one at your fingertips. In addition, you will also own high-resolution images of the Moon's terminator under 47 different conditions of illumination. In these photographs, surface features as small as one to two kilometers in diameter are readily distinguishable.

   Join TVS  on Friday, June 16, to see many of these images presented by author John Westfall. He will also note the highlights of lunar geography and geology.  This is a return visit for John. He has shared other dramatic solar system images with the club, in his capacity as publications director for the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers. All TVS meetings are open to the public, and you are welcome to bring a guest.

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