Prime Focus March 2000


The European Space Agency's new orbiting X-ray observatory XMM-Newton captured this false-color image in the Large Magellanic Cloud. At the TVS wesite, you will note a range of assigned false colors in this shot. Low-energy X-rays are translated to red, medium-energy to green, and high- energy to blue. (ESA/XMM-Newton)

March TVS Highlights

  • 2 Star Party Dates are announced for White Mountain and Glacier Pt.

  • 3 What's Up in March celebrates the Equinox.

  • 4 Look ahead to April's best objects of the first 15 days.

  • 5 Comet Comments introduces Kazimeras Cernis.

  • 6 SJAA swap meet and auction

  • 6 Lecture Series continues at Foothill College.

  • 7 A Date with the Universe is open to all.

  • 8 Membership Application

TVS Presents

   Bay Area amateur astronomer (and AANC president) Jane Houston Jones was one of six lucky amateur astronomers from around the world selected to fly on the NASA Leonid MAC Mission (with 40 scientists, 30 Air Force crew, and 10
reporters) in November 1999.  Jane will describe her once-in-a- lifetime adventure at the general meeting on March 17.  She promises to show an official NASA video of the mission, and some of the actual video taken at the peak of the storm.  Jane will bring star charts so that club members can count meteors from the tapes and contribute to the research effort.

    At you can find a photo of Jane in her flight suit and goggles, and a chart of the Zenith Hourly Rate for the meteor shower. Visit for her entire NASA Leonid MAC Mission Scrapbook (with many articles and even more photos).

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