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   Intriguing recent research suggesting the existence of extra-solar planetary systems enlivens the debate over the origin of our solar system. Immanuel Kant (in 1755) and Pierre Simon Laplace (in 1796) began all this excitement with theories that have been combined in the current solar nebula hypothesis. During the following century, James Clerk Maxwell and James Jeans challenged this model and Jeans renewed interest in the 1749 "collision hypothesis." Big Bang antagonist Fred Hoyle popularized the cold accretionary model.

   Dr. Frank Shu, of the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department, will update these notions and more. Join us for an exciting and informative evening.

Just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July, this image of celestial fireworks was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Energetic star WR 124 is violently ejecting hot clumps of gas into space at more than 100,000 mph. HST resolved these clumps as 100 billion-mile wide condensations in the nebula M1-67 surrounding the star. (NASA Hubble Space Telescope)

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   On page 9, you will find a collection of responses to the questionnaire carried in the last two editions of the newsletter. All of the items listed as questions are still being debated by the board of directors.

   We actively encourage you  to attend any of the monthly planning meetings. Meetings are held over pizza, salad, soda, and more on the Monday following each general meeting (July 19). The setting is Round Table Pizza in the 1540 First Street, Livermore ( in the Orchard Supply/Safeway Center), and meetings convene promptly at 7:00 p.m. See you there!

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