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An abrupt halt in the winter rains inspired many astrophotographers to visit our dark sky site last month. Club member Gert Gottschalk captured the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, M83, from Hidden Hill Observatory. M83 contains red and blue knots in its well-defined spiral arms. Visit the web site to see this shot, and three other photographs by Gert, in color.

   As you read this, club member Al Stern is sorting through the thousands of Hubble Space Telescope (HST) astrophotographs for the best and brightest. He will bring this select set of stunning astronomical images to our next general meeting.

   You can expect to enjoy spectacular shots of solar system objects, planetary nebula, intertwined galaxies, and other unusual astronomical objects.

   Al will be joined by club members with particular expertise in observing or photographing these different types of celestial sights. If you have an HST favorite you would like to have included in the show, contact Al at As always, please invite any non-members you think might be interested in this general meeting program.

White Mountains trip set

by Dave Rodrigues
   Once again this year, I am organizing the legendary White Mountains trip. Set from Thursday, July 8 through Sunday, July 11, this is the star party to end all star parties!  We will observe in the White Mountains east of Bishop, CA, from 8,000 to 12,400 feet, at one of the darkest sites in the U.S. The White Mountains shelter the world's oldest living things, the eerily beautiful 4,000 year-old Bristle Cone Pines. 

   On Thursday, we will overnight at Grandview Campground at 8,000 feet.  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, by special arrangement, we will stay at the University of California, Barcroft High-Altitude Research Facility at 12,400 feet.  Barcroft is half Antarctic research station and half  Shangra-La, with real (Continued on Page 5)

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